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The Port of Civitavecchia, founded by the Emperor Trajan, as the port of Rome, was for many centuries the hub of trade and contacts between the peoples of the ancient "Mare Nostrum". Even today, Civitavecchia keeps this position, putting at the center of a modern and efficient rail system, road and airport linking the capital and the center of Italy with the rest of the world. Also known as "Port of Rome" The Port Civitavecchia is located about 75 km north of the capital in the Italian west coast. Civitavecchia is one of the largest ports in Italy and has become popular for its links by ferries and cruise ships, including the main characteristics of the port there are connections with All main locations in the Mediterranean as well as the popular islands are far and near, every year about two million people pass through its doors. And you can find the restaurants and hotels in the vicinity of the port where possibly spend the night before embarking on the ship.

How to get to the port of Civitavecchia by car:
The port of Civitavecchia is located in New York at about 80km from Rome and can be reached via the A12 Rome - Civitavecchia, SS1 State Route 1 Via Aurelia or SS675 SS675 Umbro - Lazio.

From the North, take exit Aurelia SS1 towards Civitavecchia - Orte (braces) following the signs to the port. Coming from the South and from Rome take exit Civitavecchia south and then follow signs.

How to get to the port of Civitavecchia by train:
The port of Civitavecchia is served by the railway line FR5 that connects directly to the other main stations of the line and the subway in Rome.

The train station of Civitavecchia is located about 500 meters from the port.
The port authority and Trenitalia have set up a transport service operated by Royal Bus by bus leaving from the Forte Michelangelo (about 600 meters from the train station) and arriving at the terminal Motorways of the Sea. The service is free and covers, with a frequency of about 20 minutes, the time slot between 5:30 and 23:00.

Address Port: Braccianese Claudia, 1, 00053 Civitavecchia, Italy


Boarding Company Tirrenia: Calata Flavioni - Terminal autostrade del mare - 00053 - Civitavecchia (RM) Tel. 0766 581925

The Company Tirrenia connects Civitavecchia with Cagliari with three night runs weekly (Monday - Wednesday and Friday) for a period ranging from 13 to about 16 hours; Arbatax with two night runs weekly (Tuesday and Saturday) lasting 10 hours and 30 minutes; Olbia with one daily night during the winter period of 7 hours and 30 minutes and with two daily trips a day lasting about five hours a night, and lasts about 8 hours;



Boarding Company Moby Lines: Port of Civitavecchia - Stazione Marittima Calata Laurenti - Tel 0766 35245

The Company Moby Lines connects Civitavecchia with Olbia with more weekly runs, this line is active from May 30 to September 27 with two daily departures a day lasting about five hours a night and lasting about 8 hours.